What You Should Know About Processed & Packaged Food Products

We all know that fast foods and processed foods aren’t good for us, but they’re so easy and taste so good. There is a reason why they taste so good, so you buy more and eat more. Do you really know what is in those foods? What you are putting in your body? Into your children’s bodies? Do you know what these chemical additives, fillers, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and excess sodium do to your body?

Food producers spend millions, even billions, on research to develop more attractive, appealing, and tasty products that aren’t really food at all anymore.  They also work diligently to reinsert, or ‘fortify’, these products with specific vitamin supplements that are not easily assimilated into the body.  There is a reason why fresh food provides a multitude of vitamins and minerals to the body. All of those various nutrients are necessary for proper cellular function. Not an isolated few, but all of them.

In order for processed foods to be more appealing, processing plants must breakdown food into its separate components and then rearrange them into something that resembles food but lasts ten times as long, tastes amazing every time, and is physically addictive. Processing removes or damages the foods inherent nutrients so they must be replaced, thus fortifying is essential. Take the Twinkie as an example, it was once wheat grains and corn.

Chemical emulsifiers and bleaching agents have been developed to assist food processors in creating a plain, blank, white canvas for a product. Easily colored and flavored to increase hunger and desire for more of the food product.  These food product colors, preservatives, flavorings, and fillers, as well as the chemical remnants of the bleaches and emulsifiers, are the most dangerous components of food products.

They are large, man-made molecules that are not broken down in the body; often remaining in tissues causing hormone dysfunction, free radical production, and an acidic internal environment.  Free radicals are molecules left over from processing of the chemical compounds that are charged and react quickly and violently with other essential compounds in the body, damaging them.  The human body has not evolved to be able to utilize these chemicals in any efficient way. Thus they cause more damage than benefit.

This is why Mother Gaia uses no artificial colors, preservatives, or fragrances in her products, only the naturally extracted, nourishing beauty that nature provides.

Things to look for on food product labels that should be avoided as much as possible.

Hydrogenated oils of any kind.  These are highly modified fat molecules extracted from plant materials that are made to have highly extended shelf lives. Protecting flavor and composition of food products for very long periods. These oils are also known as Trans fats.  Highly conducive to the development of heart disease and cancer due to free radical buildup.

Fortification with essential vitamins and minerals. This means the food product is highly processed and needs the vitamins and minerals to be replaced. This means the food product should not be consumed by anyone and that it is not nutritious in any way.

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFC) is a highly processed sweetener originally extracted from corn.  It has been directly linked to over-eating, metabolic dysfunction, diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease.  It can be found in every type of food product from bread to canned soup.

Artificial sweeteners, Sucralose and Aspartame for example, are many times sweeter than sugar without providing any calories. These cannot be broken down by the body and can build up leading to physical toxicity, weight gain, and swelling. Migraines and arthritis are directly linked to their consumption.

Preservatives are chemicals added to make food products taste fresh and keep their color for longer.  They include monosodium glutamate (MSG), phosphates, and nitrates or nitrites. These are also linked to deranged metabolism, gall bladder and kidney stones, depressed moods, excessive eating, cravings, and excessive weight gain. Phosphate is the whole reason you do not vomit with the excess sugar of a soda. It prevents the body from regurgitating too much sugar. See more ‘useful’ research at hand! Please see WebMD for information on phosphates.

Food Dyes, or Artificial Colors, are chemically synthesized from coal tar and derived from petroleum.  Consumption of these is known to cause ADHD, cancer and tumor development, physical toxicity, mental dysfunction, weight gain, and unusual cravings for non-food products.  The likelihood of developing these problems increases exponentially with the second generation consuming these chemicals. The damages become genetic.

Simply understand that the human body, or animal body of any type for that matter, has not evolved to and is not prepared to metabolize these chemicals.  Continued consumption will lead to dramatic decreases in overall health overtime.  They will build up and cause irreversible cellular damage that will be bred into the next generation.  We do not need these chemicals for survival and they should not be found in any type of food, processed or not.

The body is able to eliminate some of these excess chemicals, but when its limit is reached detoxification of the body is almost impossible and disease or dysfunction develops and becomes permanent and/or life threatening. The body can no longer defend itself and systems fail.  Death associated with chronic malnutrition and physical toxicity is often long, painful, and full of suffering.

Before you eat a processed food stop and think – How much have I had today, this week, or this month? Will I stay healthy if I keep this up? How will my children grow strong, healthy, and intelligent if I give them these foods most of the time? Do I really want to be obese or struggle with arthritis? (Just a few things to consider)