Wide Ranging Effects of Smoking

Effects from head to toe:

Mood Stimulation

Loss of Memory

Poor Vision

Anxiety & Irritability

Chronic Allergy Symptoms

Chronic Colds & Flu


Chronic Bronchitis

Lung Cancer & COPD

Arthritis & Rheumatism

Constricted Blood Vessels

Too Much Clotting

Blood Cancer

Heart Disease

Loss of Taste & Smell

Appetite Suppression

Heartburn & Indigestion

Stained Teeth & Bad Breath

Wrinkly & Discolored Skin

Thinning & Brittle Hair


Metabolic Derangements

Hormonal Complications

Erectile Dysfunction


Early Menopause

Cervical Cancer

Premature Birth

Low Birthweight

Birth Defects

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Here are some reason to quit if you haven’t thought of any before.

Cigarettes contain about 600 ingredients. Designed to make you become more addicted by assisting in nicotine absorption and assimilation on receptors and help your brain make more receptors.  The more receptors you have the more nicotine you need to feel satisfied. When cigarettes burn, they generate more than 7,000 chemicals, according to the American Lung Association. Many of those chemicals are poisonous and at least 69 of them can cause cancer. Many of the same ingredients are found in cigars and in tobacco used in pipes and hookahs. According to the National Cancer Institute, cigars have a higher level of carcinogens, toxins, and tar than cigarettes since the smoke is not filtered before it enters your lungs.

Nicotine is a Nervous System stimulant, much like coffee, and it reaches the brain in milliseconds. You’ll feel energized and upbeat. Once the nicotine on the receptors is gone you feel down and tired and then you need more. It is naturally habit forming, there is no smoking just one. Withdrawal symptoms do not just happen when you quit. As the nicotine is used up in your brain you immediately begin to feel anxious and irritable until you go get another one.

When you are stressed your body releases cortisol, corticosterone, and many other hormones which inhibit the absorption of nicotine and thus makes you need to ingest/inhale more just to feel calm. So, you smoke when stressed, then your body releases more hormones that block nicotine, so you need more and more, it never ends. You never actually feel relief, except for during the short inhale and exhale. Which is actually the same as deep breathing and will bring relief to stress without nicotine.

As smoke enters the lungs the tar, cyanide, benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, arsenic, and carbon monoxide immediately begin to infiltrate, coat and damage the smallest and most important parts of the lungs, the cilia and alveoli. After so much time these stop working completely and the cells die. That’s where the black lung tissue comes from. Google smoker’s lung and you’ll see. The dead cells are never repaired when you quit.

Now that your lungs are not able to absorb the oxygen you need from the air you breathed in how does your body react? The lack of oxygen over time causes damage to every system in the body. Beginning with the blood vessels and heart.

Besides thickening the blood smoking increases the cholesterol and triglycerides (fats) in your blood which leads to thickening of vessels and eventually plaque buildup. The plaque gets so thick blood cannot pass through the vessel. Or it breaks loose and travels to a smaller vessel, blocking it and causing a stroke or pulmonary embolism.

The blood vessels thicken and harden with the toxins and lack of oxygen. This makes it harder for blood to pass through them, which makes it harder for the heart to push blood through. It also makes it harder for blood to reach organs and tissues in order to oxygenate, nourish and detoxify them. Lack of oxygen in blood can lead to blood clotting.

There’s a lack of oxygen and less blood, what happens now?

  • Lack of oxygen leads to damage to hearing organs – the cochlea cannot function without oxygen.
  • The eyes experience macular degeneration and cataracts as the retina hardens like arteries.
  • The taste buds and smell receptors become blocked and begin to dysfunction making you add more salt just to taste and making you use more perfume just to smell.
  • The sinuses are filled with toxins that irritate and lead to allergies and sinus infections, they become chronic and painfully recurring.
  • The skin loses its color and elasticity with a lack of oxygen. It becomes washed out and grey and wrinkles form early in life.
  • The hair follicles become clogged and shrink causing the hair they produce to become thin and weak. Hair turns grey like skin and the follicles die causing hair loss.
  • The kidney function declines with toxin buildup, lack of oxygen, and thicker blood causing them to filter the blood less effectively and leaving more toxins in the blood stream, thus causing more damage throughout the entire body.
  • The lack of oxygen affects stomach acid production, leading to stronger acids that burn and irritate more, causing chronic heartburn.
  • The lack of oxygen affects hormone production because oxygen is used in their formation. This reduces reproductive hormones, metabolic hormones, and chemical communicators. Directly affecting every single function of the body that are directly controlled by hormone and chemical communication.
  • The lack of hormones and the lack of oxygen directly affect sexual function, directly causing erectile dysfunction, inability to maintain an erection, and inability to achieve orgasm. It also affects a woman’s ability to achieve orgasm or even to conceive and carry a child.
  • The lack of oxygen causes more oxidation in cells which leads to DNA mutation and cancer formation.
  • Oxidation in cells causes the body to attack itself to reduce the toxin damage and causes the development of arthritis and inflammation everywhere in the body.

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