Arnica Flower

Arnica montana or Aconitum napellis are two of its scientific names, it grows in higher altitudes and is found all around the world, and well known for its medicinal and healing properties. People all around the world use Arnica to help heal mental and physical trauma. Physical trauma being the typical cause of mental trauma.

Extracts of Arnica contain a multitude of beneficial compounds that are found mostly in the flower. The active compounds are called sesquiterpene lactones. These produce analgesic, anticoagulant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-lipogenetic effects when utilized topically. Arnica is not for internal use, EVER, it is a strong medicine that can cause ulcer formation in the intestines. Caution must be exercised with external use on those with sensitive skin due to possibility of developing contact dermatitis.

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The analgesic effect of Arnica is its ability to alleviate pain by reducing the reception of pain signals on the nerves. This means that the pain is there but you feel less of it, thus allowing you to focus on something else. Because of this action Arnica is effective against fibromyalgia and neuralgia pain.

The anticoagulation effect of Arnica is how the chemical compounds reduce the clotting factors in the blood, thus preventing your blood from clotting in the vessels. Caution must be used on open wounds because it will prevent them from scabbing over and those with low blood pressure may experience a drop in blood pressure with high doses. Therefore, extreme dilutions of Arnica are most recommended, less is more.

The anti-inflammatory effect of Arnica is the way the chemical compounds assist the liver and kidneys in filtering the blood to remove toxins and thus flush excess water from the system. This reduces inflammation by reducing the acid causing toxin content in the system. The less acids are stored in the tissues the less the body must protect itself with inflammation. Again, this is by external application only.

The anti-lipogenetic effect of Arnica is how the sesquiterpene lactones block lipogenesis and reduces the formation of lipids in the blood. This means that with continued, external, use of Arnica can assist in reducing serum lipids and the resulting plaque build-up in the vessels and organs. Arnica is a powerfully healing medicine.

In homeopathy, Arnica montana is utilized for healing the effects of mental trauma by directing healing energies into the body. The energetic properties of the plant are purely healing so when applied to the energetic aspect of the person it helps align the energy imbalances caused by all forms of injury. Some people find that with one use of homeopathic Arnica montana they release all of their past repressed trauma and feel relieved. It is especially effective right after an accident to help prevent the development of PTSD and common mental repression of the trauma.

For those of you who don’t know, Homeopathy is the extraction of the energetic, not chemical, properties of the plant and the prescription of these energetic remedies according to your own vitality. Vitality is the strength and flow of the life-force, spirit, or soul within you. Homeopathy believes illness is caused by blocks or imbalances within your life-force.

This is accomplished by first creating pure herbal alcohol tinctures by soaking plants, minerals, or insect parts in pure grain alcohol, 180 proof, for about two weeks. Then they are strained and they undergo repeated dilutions with pure water and rapid succussions. The strong tapping movements break up the chemical bonds and release the atomic energy into the water. The dilutions remove the chemical compounds while the water retains the energetic extracts. This extract is then dropped onto sugar pellets and taken one at a time. This is an extreme example of less is more.

The one problem with this form of treatment is that it must be aligned with your energetic composition or you will not find a benefit from it. That is why a professional Homeopath is the best option for this type of therapy, they are trained in determining your energetic composition and in finding where the energetic blocks or imbalances are.

As you can see Arnica is a great healing medicine and can provide huge benefit when used instead of pain relief aids.