Why You Need An Aromatherapist

Why You Need An Aromatherapist

In a previous article, What is Aromatherapy? and my page Aromatherapy, essential oils and what they do are described. As a review, Aromatherapy is simply defined as the science of using aromatic compounds to bring balance to the body and healing to the mind. Essential oils are the aromatic compounds produced by plants and typically extracted by steam distillation. When these compounds enter into the bloodstream through olfaction or absorption the nutrients they carry are then utilized by the body to achieve homeostasis.  Homeostasis is the healthy balance in the body where all systems are functioning optimally. Using essential oils to promote health is not easy and must be practiced with care.

Why do you need an Aromatherapist?

As you’ve learned, Essential Oils are highly concentrated plant compounds that can cause irritation, inflammation, illness, injury, and pain if not diluted properly. This is where a trained Aromatherapist comes in handy. They are educated,  tested, and certified to demonstrate they have the appropriate skills and knowledge in the proper use of essential oils.

Many companies will sell undiluted essential oils to you but they will not tell you how to safely use them. So the only safe way to use them undiluted is in an air diffuser, which is not always safe for children, elderly, or pets.  Otherwise you can take the time to learn about essential oil constituents and how to dilute them yourself for safe use on the skin.

This is where a professional Aromatherapist comes in, they will:

  • Create safe and synergistic blends that work to improve your physical and mental health naturally.
  • Offer truly natural products for simple and safe use and effective healing.
  • Educate you about essential oils, their dangers, and what they can do for you.
  • Provide you with factual information and scientific research proving essential oil effectiveness.
  • Guide you developing a holistic lifestyle that promotes overall health and wellness while using Aromatherapy.
  • Assist you in caring for yourself and your family in a more natural way in conjunction with your Physician’s directives.

How to find a competent Aromatherapist:

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