Why It’s Impossible to Lose 1lb of Fat in 1 Day

Body fat is called adipose tissue and is composed of cell membranes, triglycerides (fats), fluids (water, blood, lymph, etc), and proteins (used for breaking down fat for energy). Therefore, body fat has an estimated calorie count of 3200-3800 kcal (depending on your body), while pure fat has approximately 4100 kcal.

Calories, counted as 1 kcal = 1000 cal, are the chemical energy our bodies derive from food. So, 1 pound of fat = 454 grams. Pure fat = 8.7-9.5 kcal/g (rounded to 9 kcal/g).

So, if you consume 2500 to 3500 kcal daily, how can you lose 3200 kcal in a day?

You can’t! This is where diet clinics and pill pushers are lying to you!


No matter what, you cannot remove one pound (3200 kcal) from your body in one day without liposuction. The average body could not even burn that many calories in a day, unless they are Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who consumes around 6000 kcal/day.

When you DO lose that one pound in one day, it is water. The first thing diet or detox pills do is flush the system, meaning all your stored water is removed. This not only dehydrates you, but it completely changes how your cells function, causing them to retain more weight (fat).

This also does not consider the way your body reacts to calorie restrictions when dieting. This effect is called adaptive thermogenesis. Which is when your body slows its metabolism and retains fat when calorie consumption is reduced. Or when calorie consumption increases, metabolism increases.

The same thing happens when you stop exercising and begin losing muscle mass. Loss of muscle mass leads to slowing of the metabolism and burning fewer calories. Muscle tissue consumes more calories than fat tissue. The more muscle mass you retain the more calories you burn every day.

We’ve learned that no matter what you cannot lose one pound of fat in one day, unless you’re getting liposuction, of course. If your dietician, weight loss program, or diet pill promises you such don’t believe it. Stop using it, stop doing it, and find something more natural and honest.

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