Mother Gaia’s Moisturizing Lotion

Mother Gaia’s Moisturizing Lotion has been reformulated to prevent the need for preservatives (prevent bacterial growth) during long-term storage. It is also a perfect carrier for essential oils that fully emulsifies them as well as assists in their transport through the skin. It is not your typical skin-blocking, petroleum-based lotion!

Through continued use of her own products Mother Gaia began to see that water as an ingredient in oil-based products without preservatives (natural or man-made) is unstable and a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Even distilled and saline water are easy for fungi to use.

This interfered with Mother Gaia’s desire to provide “preservative-free” products. This is because all forms of preservatives, both natural and artificial, have unfavorable effects on the digestive tract and overall individual health. Including the microbiome in the gut and the direct connection to immune function. See the References for more information on this.

Therefore, Mother Gaia has chosen the following ingredients:

Beeswax – this is raw and unfiltered beeswax from Del Norte, Colorado (Haefeli’s Honey).

Learn more about Beeswax here.

Honey – this is raw and unfiltered honey from the same farms in Del Norte, Colorado

Learn more about Honey here.

Organic Coconut Oil – this is cold-pressed and unfiltered from organic farms using conscious and sustainable farming methods.

Learn more about Coconut Oil here.

Organic Sunflower Oil – this is cold-pressed organic sunflower oil from the seeds of organically grown American plants.

Learn more about Sunflower Oil here.

These ingredients are gently heated, melted together, and hand blended in small artisan style batches that will remain stable in cool, dark places, away from sunlight, for 6 months without preservatives. Therefore, they are made in small batches and the date is was made is written right on the label. You will always know you are getting a fresh, handmade product.

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This is my 42 year old skin after using this lotion.