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Stop Using Bentonite Clay

Stop Using Bentonite Clay MotherGaias.com is always concerned with providing natural products made from raw ingredients collected from the Earth. What we did not consider was the amount of pollution people have accumulated in the environment where these raw ingredients are collected from. So we now know that even ‘food grade’ bentonite clay or montmorillonite is full of heavy metals …

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Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal Due to our recent discovery of the lead content of bentonite clay MotherGaias.com has opted for an ingredient with no known contamination, activated charcoal. Here is the latest research and information backing the use and benefits of using activated charcoal for mouth care. Activated charcoal, also called activated carbon, activated coal or carbo activatus, has been processed to …

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The Beauty of Colorado



Tip of the Month

Vegetable Gardening

Lettuce and other greens tend to grow particularly well in the cool weather of April and May. These crops are easy to grow -- and allow you to make your own salads from fresh, homegrown leaves!

If rabbits are a problem, try growing your lettuce in containers. Simply tuck lettuce seeds or seedlings into shallow pots; place pots in a location that receives up to a half-day sun. Plant lettuce at tighter-than-recommended spacing -- when seedlings start to crowd each other, thin them and eat the thinnings.

Go for the gourmet look and select a blend of lettuce types, including romaine, butterhead, and leaf. With leaf lettuces, plant a variety of hues to craft colorful salads.

Maximize harvests using the cut-and-come-again technique. Begin by picking outer leaves only from young plants. As plants mature, cut off every other plant just above soil, leaving a 1-inch stem stub. A small pair of scissors works well for this task.Fertilize lightly with liquid feed after harvest. The stubs will resprout.

Harvest remaining uncut plants when leaves are large enough, leaving a stem stub to resprout. You'll get several harvests using this technique.

Test Garden Tip: Lettuce and other greens love cool weather -- but crops like tomatoes and peppers don't. Wait to set heat-loving vegetables -- including eggplants, cucumbers, squash, pumpkins, or okra -- into the garden until all danger of frost has passed.


Recipe of the Week


Vegan Jelly

Make your own delicious jelly without sugar or gelatin from cows.


2 cups Fresh Fruit of your choice, chopped/diced

1/4 cup Water & 1/8 cup Water

2 Tbsp Arrowroot Powder

Jars for storing


In a medium sauce pan begin heating fruit and 1/4 cup water on medium.

Slowly bring to boil while constantly stirring.

Mix 1/8 cup water with 2 Tbsp Arrowroot Powder and pour into fruit in pan.

Continue to heat to boiling while stirring constantly.

Turn heat off once it starts to boil and allow to cool.

Pour into jars and refrigerate.



Healing with Color

Healing With Color In my last article, How Color is Used in Marketing, we learned about how corporations use color to affect our emotions and our choices. We gained an understanding that it is much more than a whim when you purchase something without thinking. Your reactions are guided by the colors chosen. So now we’ll look at how you …

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How Color is Used in Marketing

  Color psychology is one of the more fascinating sides of marketing. Reds to motivate. Blues to build trust. Oranges for confidence. The visual light spectrum has the power to play our emotional responses like a violin. Color has profound psychological effect on human emotion and thought, behavior and decisions. Colors exercise powerful effects and induce reactions based on both …

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Product of the Month

Mother Gaia's Detox Oil

Sunflower & MCT oils with Lavender, Juniper Berry, Frankincense, Cypress, and Sandalwood essential oils.

Need to cleanse your system? Or detox as it's commonly called today.

This amazing oil, when used as a perfume or body oil, provides the liver and kidneys with compounds that assist in their function. They work together to improve how they work to remove toxins and wastes from the body. Thus helping the body work better without chemicals.

Find yours here.


Upcoming Events & Classes

Please see Mother Gaia's Events Calendar for more information.


Aroma Craft with Mother Gaia

Today, Sunday May 6th, 2018 from Noon to 4pm.

Learn about essential oils and blend your own natural products to take home. $20 per person for four products. Additional products are available for purchase. Held in Cheyenne, WY. Send Mother Gaia an email for more information.


Wellness Education

Classes held at the Eaton Senior Community, main floor community room, the first Saturday of each month @ 1:30pm

323 S Eaton St in Lakewood, CO 80226 (open to the public)

What do you get to learn about?

• Ten dimensions health and wellness

• Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness 

• Understanding your body.

• Alternative Medicine — other than surgery and medications

• Ways to improve your health without spending money.

• Cheap and easy remedies to use at home.

• Simple, gentle exercise to improve function.

• Free gifts and handouts for attending.


Dancing Gaia: The Nature of Movement & Meditation

We’ll begin class with deep breathing, energy building, and gentle stretching warm-ups. Class continues with a unique blend of Tai Chi, Yoga, Qigong, and Tae Kwon Do style movements. Then we finish each class with a cool down and seated hand posture practice. These classes are for anyone that wants to get fit without hurting themselves. 

Dancing Gaia offers seated versions for those who are less capable.

Want Dancing Gaia in your community? Send Mother Gaia an email here.


Group Classes Mother Gaia Brings to You

How about an unusual birthday party for that open minded teen, loved one, or friend that has everything? Or just a fun way to learn and experience the benefits of natural healing with friends and/or family? Mother Gaia brings all the supplies and information needed for a great educational experience.

Combine classes for a more complete experience and save $10 per person. Host a class and get your first complete set for free! Send Mother Gaia an email and we can schedule it on your time in your space. Mother Gaia is fully insured for your protection, references can be provided upon request.


Learn about and experience essential oils and all of their wonderful benefits, create up to seven (7) of your own products to take home including a ZERO water based spray, moisturizing lotion, aroma body/bath oil, natural skin toner, deeply cleansing mudd mask, strengthening tooth powder, and nourishing mineral milk bath. 


Learn about and experience herbal remedies, their amazing benefits and simple uses, and blend up to six (6) products including an herbal tea, naturally scented herbal sachet, moisturizing herbal infused mineral milk bath, infused body/bath oil, cleansing mudd mask, and strengthening and antibacterial tooth powder.

 ***Every participant receives a handout booklet packed full of useful information.***

Looking to try out a class? Mother Gaia offers many great classes here.