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  • 05/05 - What are Chakras? (chakra, chakras, energy flow, flow of energy, life force, nerves, nervous system, soul, spirit, spiritual energy)
  • 04/28 - Posture Is Important (healing back pain, healthy digestion, less pain everyday, posture, prevent back pain, prevent heartburn)
  • 04/07 - Fighting Allergies Naturally (allergies, natural allergy relief, relief from allergies)
  • 03/24 - Carbonated Drinks (acids, carbon dioxide, carbonated drinks, carbonated water, carbonic acid, pop, soda, soda pop, soda water, sparkling water)
  • 03/17 - Mother Gaia’s Moisturizing Lotion (beeswax based, brings water into the skin, coconut oil, healing lotion, humectant, natural lotion, natural skin care, preservative free lotion, sunflower oil, waterless lotion)
  • 03/10 - Setting SMARTER Goals (goal planning, goal setting, making change, personal goals, planning change, self-care, self-healing, self-help, self-support)
  • 03/03 - Understanding Yourself (acceptance through understanding, personal understanding, self-care, self-evaluation, self-knowledge, understanding yourself, wellness through understanding)
  • 02/24 - Mother Gaia’s Allergy Relief Tea (allergy free, allergy free naturally, allergy relief tea, antihistamine free, healthy alternative to drugs, natural allergy relief, no side effects)
  • 02/18 - Lemon Balm (anxiety relief, cold sore relief, digestive health, lemon balm, melissa, sedative)
  • 02/10 - Why It’s Impossible to Lose 1lb of Fat in 1 Day (body fat, detox, diet pills, false, fat loss, hype, impossible, lies, lose 1lb in 1 day, lose body fat, weight loss)
  • 02/03 - May Chang (Litsea cubeba) (calming, cold & Flu, healing, may chang, may chang essential oil, natural skin care, relaxing, respiratory health)
  • 02/01 - Worry About Toxins Not Germs (immune system, immunosuppression, toxicants, toxins, toxins vs germs)
  • 01/19 - Honey vs Sugar (healthy, honey, honey vs sugar, nutritious, sugar, sweetener)
  • 12/30 - Marjoram (cold, cooking, flu, food, gentle, herb, marjoram, relief, sweet marjoram)
  • 12/28 - Mother Gaia’s Cold & Flu Tea (calming, cold, cold and flu tea, cough relief, decongestant, flu, healing, natural, remedy, soothing, tastes good, tea)
  • 12/16 - Licorice Root (asthma, bleeding, cautions, cramps, digestion, healing, heartburn, hepatitis, high blood pressure, hormones, hot flashes, IBS, licorice root, mouth care, mucilaginous, overdose, psoriasis, respiratory health, skincare, stiptic, ulcer relief)
  • 12/09 - Lemongrass Oil (antidepressant, antiseptic, digestive health, digestive support, lemongrass oil, lemongrass. essential oil, pain relief, remedy)
  • 12/01 - What is in Your Commercial Lotion? (blocks pores, carcinogen, damaging, harmful, occludes skin, petroleum jelly, pore blocker, skin, skincare, vaseline)
  • 11/25 - Lemon Peel Oil (antimicrobial, citrus, cleaning, depression, digestion, disinfection, essential, healing, INFECTION, lemon, oil, peel, phototoxic, soothing, stimulating)
  • 11/15 - Spike Lavender (balancing, cooling, healing, lavandula, lavender, spica, spike)
  • 10/21 - Healthy Hair Naturally (conditioning, grow, hair, healthy, long, naturally, nourishing, strong)
  • 10/13 - Lavender Oil (BITES, BOILS, BRUISES, BURNS, calming, CUTS, DERMATITIS, digestion, ECZEMA, healing, INFECTION, INFLAMATION, insomnia, IRRITATIONS, lavender, STINGS)
  • 10/06 - Why You Should Take Cold Showers (benefits, circulation, cold, depression, health, heart, hormones, loss, pain, relief, shower, sleep, weight)
  • 09/30 - Why Tap Water is Better Than Bottled Water (bottled, chemicals, health, tap, use, vs, water, why)
  • 09/23 - Lavender Flower (anti-inflammatory, anxiety, digestive health, healing, insomnia, lavender, mental health, skincare)
  • 09/16 - What Are Mantras? (chant, health, mantra, meditation, mental, prayer, TM, transcontinental)
  • 09/09 - Seaweed & Kelp (diabetes, health, inflammation, kelp, nutrition, radiation, sea, skincare, weed, weight loss)
  • 08/26 - Remedies for Low Testosterone (balance, health, hormone, improve, increase, male, men, testosterone, wellness)
  • 08/19 - Juniper Berry (antioxidant, antiseptic, berry, cellulitis, communis, detox, digestive health, gin, gout, healing, heart, juniper, juniperus, mouth care, MRSA, skin, skincare, sleep)
  • 07/29 - Love & Appreciate Yourself First
  • 07/29 - Why You Need An Aromatherapist (aromatherapist, aromatherapy, blending, care, customized, healing, personal, products, wellness)
  • 07/22 - Jasmine Tea (antioxidant, delicious, healing, health, heart, infused, jasmine, nourishing, sweet, tea)
  • 07/22 - Jasmine Oil (antidepressant, aphrodisiac, jasmine, king, night, sedative)
  • 07/15 - Hyssop Oil (antiseptic, antispasmodic, biblical herbs, healing, hyssop)
  • 07/01 - Hygiene Should Be Nourishing (avoid, commercial, heal, health, how, hygiene, in, mouth care, natural, oral, products, skincare, to, toxins)
  • 06/17 - Your Kids + Germs = Healthy Future (bad, dirt, dirty, exposure, for, germs, getting, health, healthy, immunity, kids, microbes, not sanitized, over sanitized, sanitization, sterilization, to, unsanitized, viruses)
  • 06/03 - Hops Flower (calming, hops, natural, sleep, tea)
  • 05/27 - Raw Honey (from, hive, honey, natural, raw, the, unfiltered, unpasteurized)
  • 05/27 - Hemp Wick (burning, candle, chemical free, clean, hemp, metal-free, natural, wick)
  • 05/13 - Goat’s Rue (balance, diabetes, diuretic, galactagogue, galega, goatsrue, increase, insulin, lactation, milk, production, regulation)
  • 05/06 - Ginger Root (care, cold, cramps, flu, ginger, hair, haircare, heartburn, indigestion, menstruation, nausea, pain, relief, skin, skincare, ulcers, wellness, zingiber)
  • 04/29 - Activated Charcoal (activated, charcoal, cleanse, detox, healing, poisoning, teeth, whitening)
  • 04/29 - Stop Using Bentonite Clay (bentonite, cancer, clay, dangers, health, lead, poisoning, pollution, protect, stop, using)
  • 04/22 - Healing with Color (aura, balance, chakra, color, emotions, function, healing, improve, organs, pain, relieving, tone, wellness)
  • 04/15 - How Color is Used in Marketing (color, health, marketing, psychology, purpose, wellness)
  • 04/08 - Ginger Root Oil (anti-inflammatory, arthritis, cancer, chemotherapy, cholesterol, dental, digestion, ginger, health, hypertension, liver, lowering, morning, motion, natural, nausea, pain, remedy, rheumatoid, root, sickness, vomiting, wellness, zingiber)
  • 04/01 - Why We Can’t Avoid GMOs (agriculture, ancient, animals, bioengineering, crops, farming, food, genetically, gmo, history, modified)
  • 03/25 - Geranium (anticancer, anxiety, cancer, fighting, geranium, graveolens, healing, health, menopause, pelargonium, relief, skin, skincare, symptoms, wellness, wrinkles)
  • 03/18 - Frankincense (boswellia, cancer, cure, frankincense, healing, health, immunity, killer, wellness)
  • 03/11 - Why are Liquid Extracts better than Dried Supplements? (extracts, glycerites, herbal remedies, infusions, supplements, teas, tincture)
  • 03/04 - What is Lectin? (celiac, diabetes, digestive health, gluten, inflammation, lectin, nutrition, poison)
  • 02/25 - Feverfew (arthritis, fever, feverfew, migraine, pain, relief)
  • 02/18 - Fennel seed & oil (absorption, balance, digestion, digestive support, fennel, health, heartburn, wellness)
  • 02/11 - Aroma, Scent, Smell, Perfume or Fragrance (aroma, aromatherapy, artificial, essential oils, fragrance, natural, odor, perfume, scent, smell)
  • 02/04 - Eucalyptus Tea & Oil (cold, decongestant, eucalyptus, flu, health, mucolytic, thin mucus, wellness)
  • 02/04 - Balancing Hormones Naturally (balance, health, hormone, hormones, natural, wellness)
  • 01/21 - Trans Fats
  • 01/21 - Epsom salt (Magnesium sulfate)
  • 01/14 - Avoiding Carbonation Is Necessary
  • 01/14 - Emulsifying Wax
  • 01/07 - Importance of Proper Breathing
  • 01/06 - Dandelion
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