Bath Time

Natural Products for Relaxing & Healing in the Bath

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Bath Oils – essential oil blends safely diluted in sunflower oil. Use in the bath for aromatherapy and moisturizing. Use as an all natural perfume. Or even as a deep moisturizer, by applying and covering overnight.

Mineral Milk – powdered buttermilk, Epsom Salt, baking soda, and powdered steel cut oats. Dry powder with essential oils for aroma or wet blend with herbal infused oils for moisture.

Dry Mineral Milk – dry powder for light moisture and aromatherapy.

Wet Mineral Milk – wet paste for heavy moisture and skin therapy.

Coconut Oil Soap – only organic coconut oil and sodium hydroxide (lye). Hard soap that lasts a long time. Leaves skin and hair soft and healthy without chemicals.

Bath Melts – cornstarch, baking soda, Epsom Salt, citric acid, ZERO water, sunflower oil, and essential oils for aroma. Melts in the warm bath water and provides moisturizing to the skin and natural aroma for calming the mind.