First Aid

Handmade blends specifically for pain relief and healing.

First Aid Oil Blends – blends of essential oils for external pain relief

Herbal Infused Oils – sunflower oil infused with pain relieving herbs for external pain relief

Pain Relief Lotions – simply moisture base with 10% essential oil blends for external pain relief.

Unscented Pain Relief – Arnica infused oil & St John’s Wort infused oil

Cooling Pain Relief – unscented pain relief with eucalyptus, pine, spike lavender,  and peppermint.

Warming Pain Relief – unscented pain relief with black pepper, clove, cinnamon. lavender, and juniper berry.

Herbal Teas for Pain Relief

Feverfew – for migraines and fevers

Cinnamon & Chamomile – for arthritis and inflammation

Juniper Berry & Dandelion – for inflammation and edema

Rosemary & Peppermint – for digestion and elimination