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Gift Set & Sampler Descriptions 

Allergy Relief Set – Includes 2oz Allergy Relief Tea, 2oz Nettles Infused Honey, 2oz Allergy Relief Moisturizer,  2oz Allergy Relief Spray, & 5ml Allergy Relief Bath Oil

Calming Citrus Set – Includes 2oz Warming Citrus Tea, 2oz Rosehip & Orange Peel Infused Honey, 2oz Sweet Orange Moisturizer, 2oz Calming Citrus Spray, & 5ml Calming Citrus Bath Oil.

Cold & Flu Relief Set – Includes 2oz Cold & Flu Tea, 2oz Eucalyptus Infused Honey,  2oz Lavender Hand Sanitizer, 2oz Sanitizing Spray, & 2oz Eucalyptus Bath Oil

Lavender Lush Set – Includes 2oz Dried Lavender Flowers, 2oz Lavender Soy Wax Candle, 2oz Lavender Moisturizer, 2oz Lavender Spray, & 5 ml Lavender Bath Oil

Pure Divinity Set – Includes 2oz Dried Jasmine & Rose flowers, 2oz Jasmine & Rose Infused Honey, 2oz Pure Divinity Moisturizer, 2oz Pure Divinity Spray, & 5ml Pure Divinity Bath Oil

Relax & Breathe Set – Includes 2oz Relax & Sleep Tea, 2oz Chamomile Infused Honey,  2oz Relax & Breathe Lotion, 2oz Relax & Breathe Spray, & 5ml Relax & Breathe Bath Oil

Warming Pain Relief Set – Includes 2oz Warming Chamomile Tea, 2oz Cinnamon Infused Honey, 2oz Warming Pain Relief Lotion, 2oz Warming Spice Spray, & 5ml Warming Pain Relief Bath Oil