About Mother Gaia

Jennifer Lawson, aka Mother Gaia

Mother Gaia has been developing and personally using aromatherapy products since 2012 and herbal remedies since 2003. The knowledge and experience she obtained over the years provides you with a well rounded, educated, and informed platform to base your own health and wellness on.

Jennifer found that through healthy lifestyle habits and all natural therapies many of our health problems, like diabetes or allergies, can be reversed or controlled and we don’t have to spend a fortune on medications or poison ourselves with pharmaceuticals, prescription drugs, or over-the-counter-medications to do it.

She was able to reverse her own diabetes and hypothyroidism with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a full regimen of chemical free herbal teas, clay masks and tooth powders, and aromatherapy lotions, washes, and sprays. She has helped to reduce and control her family’s allergies and illnesses with the use of herbal remedies and natural cleaners.

The fewer chemicals there are in your environment the less your body has to work to remove them from your system. In other words, the fewer allergic reactions, illnesses, and diseases develop when there are fewer chemicals in the system to trigger them.

Jennifer obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Integrative Therapies (BS-IT) from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2012, with a background in healthcare, after graduation she earned a Certification in Integrative Aromatherapy (IAC) from the Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy based in Boulder, CO & Woodlands, TX.

Trained as a Health & Wellness Coach in 2014 she passed the Health & Wellness Coaching Certification exam at National Jewish Health. In continuing her education Jennifer has passed multiple examinations for certifications including: Nutrition for Weight Loss, Supplementation for Health, Group Fitness Instruction, Senior Fitness Instruction, CPR & First Aid, Yoga and Pilates Instruction.

She knows that by offering you the same products, practices, and support she used, you can make the same changes to your health and life. You want to feel better and live happier, naturally NATURE is the best practice for total health and wellness.

Mother Gaia’s products combine the best and safest of Nature’s plants and animals for the most complete and natural benefit, without side effects or unwanted toxins.

Mother Gaia’s practices and support are completely holistic, whole person based, and always mindful of individual differences and preferences in developing products and regimens.

Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer was born in 1977. Every one believed she would be a strong and healthy child. But by the time she was 7 years old she began developing kidney infections. Over and over doctors would give her antibiotics for the infection without trying to figure out the cause of the infection. Then one day her body had enough, she had a fever of 103* and went into a seizure, vomiting everywhere and convulsing uncontrollably.

After a very long ride in an ambulance to three different hospitals, the doctors at Porter Memorial Hospital in Denver discovered she had a very bad full body infection due to a rare birth defect that prevented her ureters from staying inside her bladder. As the pressure grew in the bladder it actually began to push the ureters out leading to urine leaking into her body.

After many months of testing and scans (ultrasounds, MRIs, etc) they determined they must surgically reinsert the ureters into the bladder. She was practically cut in half for the procedure. The scar runs hip to hip.

After 2 months of healing and rehab she was back to school. Because of the surgery her kidneys were stunted and never grew anymore. They are now 3.5 cm (right) and 4.5 cm (left) in size when they should each be 8-9 cm long.

Jennifer’s life continued on. Periodically (about every 3 months) developing kidney infections and taking antibiotics. The doctors said it was because of the scar tissue collecting bacteria. So on and on with antibiotics. At least there was no urine leaking in to the body anymore.

As most teenagers do, especially those without supervision, they try drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. Jennifer became a cigarette smoker at age 12 and had her first taste of marijuana with her dad at 14. She did try alcohol but her kidneys really couldn’t handle it. By the age of 19 she had tried just about everything – cocaine, methamphetamine, opium, LSD, mushrooms, and crack – and was already a pack a day smoker.

Methamphetamine became the drug of choice for her for 5 years. She lost all of her weight and muscle mass. Ending up at only 95 lbs and 5’7″ at age 22. She also lost her boyfriend, her pets, her apartment, and her car. Almost failing out of her second year of college.

She realized her mistakes and tried to start over.  She knew she had to finish her degree, at least. She got clean by quitting cold turkey and returned to complete her Associates of Science degree at Red Rocks Community College and was going to graduate in August of 2000.

At age 23 she found herself pregnant with her first child. Because of her low body weight at the start of the pregnancy she ballooned up to 220 lbs while pregnant. She delivered a healthy baby girl in 2000. Then again in 2003.

In 2003 she discovered herbal remedies and their healing benefits and began using herbs to stop her kidney infections. Usnea became her first choice for her kidney infections and they were relieved naturally. She used many other herbs for cold remedies and heartburn remedies.

Never using an over-the-counter or prescribed medications for pain or illness again. Eventually she stopped getting kidney infections altogether. For about 3 years she lived without a single kidney infection.

She never lost the weight between the first two pregnancies so by the third pregnancy in 2006 she was considered moderately obese at 200 lbs and 5’7″. Four months into the pregnancy doctors discovered she had gestational diabetes. She had no blood sugar control, even carrots would cause wild swings in blood sugar levels. So she was prescribed insulin six times a day.

In April 2007 her third daughter was delivered by cesarean section because of the stomach flu and massive dehydration. The baby’s heart had stopped and they needed to get her out right away. So while they were in there they did a tubal ligation to prevent any further pregnancies. Doctors believed she would die if she had another child.

After the delivery the diabetes did not go away. They discovered she had probably developed type II diabetes prior to the last pregnancy due to her excessive body fat content, smoking, and eating habits. Doctors wanted her to continue using insulin or begin taking Metformin. She just couldn’t bring herself to do it.

By 2012 she got smart and finally stopped smoking, trying multiple alternatives like e-cig and nicotine gum, but ultimately quitting cold turkey this time too. She couldn’t breathe walking up one flight of stairs. Working to stop the negative causes of diabetes like smoking, junk food, lack of exercise, and stress. She was hoping to improve her health and increase her life span for her family and herself.

So she decided to try alternative therapies and diet modifications. She had begun taking classes in integrative therapies in college and discovered the wonders of Ayurveda, Holistic Treatments, Aromatherapy and essential oils. With her experiences with antibiotics she decided to stick with vitamins, essential oils, personal fitness, wellness practices, and herbal remedies.

Over time, while sticking to the basic low-carb/high-protein diet (somewhere between Atkins, DASH, and Mediterranean diets – focusing on fresh and raw foods and avoiding grains on a daily basis), using herbal remedies and aromatherapy instead of medications, and exercising regularly, she began to lose the weight, regain muscle tone, and slow the progression of diabetes.

Her A1c was 6.7 and she weighed 200 lbs in 2006 (while pregnant). By 2012, A1c was down to 5.5 and she weighed 175 lbs. In 2017, A1c tested at 5.0 and she weighed 155 lbs. She had reversed her diabetes.

Now at age 40 because of her continued success and weight loss (145 lbs now). She hasn’t looked so young or felt so healthy in over a decade. This is why she wants to help others do the same the truly natural way – Mother Gaia’s way.

Jennifer wants everyone to know that weight loss should not be a trend or a fad, it cannot be accomplished permanently with a pill or a shake,  and it is not EVER healthy to starve or over-exercise yourself. You can be successful like she is, permanently, by learning and establishing new, simple and healthy ways to live everyday.