Lorraine – Eaton Senior Community

I started using Mother Gaia’s Frankincense Oil blend when I learned about the allergy fighting benefits of Frankincense in the Wellness Education with Jennifer class (WellnessClass.org). Just by inhaling the aroma a couple times a day my allergies have been greatly reduced and I feel so much better.

Marcia Cloutier – Boulder, CO

I love Mother Gaia’s Relax & Breathe lotion. I use it every day for moisturizing and healing my skin. The calming aroma and natural ingredients are perfect for my dry skin and nervous conditions.

Sarah Schoeder – RN

I use Mother Gaia’s Fall Harvest spray in my office at Eaton Senior Community every day. My clients and I just love the fresh aroma of fallen leaves and warm spices.

Judith – Eaton Senior Community

My mother and I have been using Mother Gaia’s Arthritis Relief lotion for over a year now and just love how it relieves the pain and relaxes the joints.

Jennifer Blustein – Westminster, CO

I’ve been using Jenns products for a while. They are so pure and natural- plus my girls love them too!

Patricia Lopez – Denver, CO

My fur baby got really sick a couple years ago due to his stress during 4th of July. Now I dread this season. I contacted Jennifer and tried her oils for my boy. And I am so happy to say that it has helped him relax. THANK YOU!

Becky Bruce – Cheyenne, WY

Before I started using Mother Gaia’s products my hands were stiff and hard to use. Now that I use her Warming Pain Relief lotion my hands are more flexible and I can do more without pain. Thank you Mother Gaias!