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We are all borne of the Earth, bound by and to the Earth, nourished and supported by Earth’s plants, animals, and minerals. Health and wellness are grown from the natural extracts of the Earth, the knowledge of the Soul, and the practices of Nature.  -Mother Gaia-

Based on this Mother Gaia creates products that nourish mind, body, and soul from the plants and animals Earth provides for us. Mother Gaia’s products, classes, practices, and services have been developed to assist you in living naturally healthy without spending a fortune. Free of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, and petroleum. Full of naturally filtered ZERO water, unfiltered beeswax, cold pressed organic coconut and sunflower oils, naturally herbal infused sunflower oil, organic coffee, raw cane sugar, bentonite clay from Wyoming, Epsom salt, dried buttermilk, earth friendly essential oils, and raw Colorado honey.  Just to name a few.